The Second Project:

As we mentioned many times earlier our main project is Kitapi, which is free to use, online library management platform. But we are a tech company. We can have many projects. and is one of our ‘future projects’ that comes from ‘history’.

It is a ‘history’ because we first registered this domain in 2006. Yes, this is another ‘cousin story’ like Kitapi. We have been waiting to activate this domain for 14 years. We tried to sell it but it not worked. So, here we are. online again as an e-commercial web site.

To create a WP based web site as easy as a pie for us. Thanks to Woo-Commerce extension having some commercial functions, screens, basket, etc is easy, too. There were a few jobs to be ready to register an online payment service like Privacy Policy, Customer Agreement, Visa-Master logos, About page. We have done all of it and applied to the payment service. Everything was ready the next day.

What will we put on this website?

Well… We have a dealer agreement to a wholesaler and we want to have more with others for later. Since we got this, we want to sell some computer stuff from this company. But their costs are so high to sell end users. But there is a specific category that we may have a chance: Projectors. We’ll continue with this category for now.

We just ignored the payment service’s percentage for the beginning. There is a good saying in our country for this: Millet alışverişte görsün. It means like ‘let the folks see you in shopping’.