Company Meetings

We made the meeting #1: KGB

Finally, we had the meeting #1. It had been waiting for a long time. Believe it or not, as family-based company workers, it is hard to get together. Even if it is a “home office”. Actually, we wanted to make the meeting outside. Long story short, we made it.

What we talked about can be shrunk into three letters: KGB. Don’t worry, I’ll explain below.

The K (Kitapi): the most important project for us and the main reason we started this company. It has 3 main parts: the web app, the social media side, and the mobile apps and we are almost finished first two. Our very first employee will analyze this project and put together all the shortcomings to a list. Then she will force me to finish the list of items.

The G ( We want to make this little side project to global. It has a quite good domain. We also believe that it has a good potential. We’ll search the our competitors in the market (again) and try to make this little fella to be different from others.

The B (Blogs): We have several blogs that we mentioned before. One of them is (KS) and this one gets some income for months. This one has been controlled by my wife (employee #1) since the beginning. We like blogs but they are not producing income like KS. We want her to manage all the blogs we have.

Now, her time.


We have our #1 employee!

Wow, it feels like a lifetime since our last post, doesn’t it? But fear not, change is in the air. We’re thrilled to introduce our newest team member, who happens to be our #1 employee and a blogging extraordinaire. And no, it’s not just because she’s my wife; I’m confident that she can handle any social media task better than anyone else. How do I know? Well, her personal blog, which is kind of belongs to our company, rakes in about 70% of her salary.

Blogging isn’t her only forte. She also wears the hats of our product manager, social media manager, and graphic designer.

I can already see Kodventure taking leaps and bounds with her on board. Thank you, my dear, for joining us on this adventure. Welcome to Kodventure!

She is a Kodventurer!

We made CURL based Wordle:

As we have added CURL support for our project why don’t we try to make a CURL-based Wordle? Actually, we did it.

There is only one thing about the game: it is Turkish. It took only one day to finish. We can add something to do it better but it seems ok now. You can use it like:



Happy birthday Kodventure!

Our company is two years old now. We are doing good and we hope we will open up our big project to global this year.


CURL support added to

It is not a new trend but we saw some cool services that are command-line friendly like,, thanks to CURL. And we decided to put a similar functionality to our lovely and lonely URL shortener and link hub service

After a little update now you can shortener your long link to a small one by like this:

# curl\?

Here is the result:

# ⚡


The new office phone

Our company Kodventure going to be 2 years old after 8 days from now and we have an office phone only yesterday.

It is not much important to haven’t an office phone for our kind of business nowadays but why not? We upgraded the Internet speed and the company offered us a business phone and we took it.

Our number is 0 850 677 00 53.


We got the trademark

One of our friends insisted that we should register our company name as a trademark. It was not so expensive then we said why not. After a few months since applied, we got the documents.


Interactive API doc for

We have planned to add an API to but the timing had not to be decided. But there is a tiny light about that we may work with a big company to shorten their tons of important links. So, we added the API immediately and we understand that we also need an API doc.

While we use Laravel Livewire to made why not we make the API doc interactive? We should and we did.

Now, our interactive API doc is ready.

Bon appetite.


Our web site renewed

Almost one year passed after started and we realized that our website has untouched. There is a proper saying for that in Turkish culture: The tailor can’t sew his own rip. Oh, there is another one: Candle doesn’t enlight own foot. Of course, these are not acceptable for a tech company.

And our web site’s new look is online. Take a look.

Company released

Our 8 hours side project becomes a fine service which has two main functions. First; it is a link shortener service and second; it is also a link hub service.

Link shortener

This is obvious. If you want to shorten the link that you need to share or use it for something else; just paste the link and make it shorten. If you do it after login, you can change the title or the shortened link. Easy.

Link Hub

This is new. One of our friends encouraged us to add this function to With this ability, you can create a public profile page that includes all the link that you want to show it together; like Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook pages. Not only social media links, but you can also add any link that you want. Then you can use the profile page in your social media profiles, which only one link allowed to share in these profiles, thus, you share all your important links with people on a single page.

You can customize the link hub page with several backgrounds, button styles, or fonts.