A micro project in 8 hours

We decided to create our own short link service. We used to use our payment service’s short link to remind our customers of their invoice. No more foreign short link.

To create this service was easy. The hard one was to decide the domain name 🙂 After discussing a few domain names we chose a completely different one.

And the winner is: kodv.in

kodv.in: The shortest domain name for our brand-new short link service.

We started to build the project after buying the domain immediately. Normally 2 or 3 hours enough to build this kind of small project but little details can be challenging sometimes.

We spent at least two hours to sort desc the latest links backward. Either PHP or JS array sort functions not worked for the list that we keep in session, which we didn’t understand why. We have had to loop the array and created another one. There would be 10 rows max, so why not.

Enjoy our brand-new, easy to spell URL shortener service.


We made the first export of services

One of our goals was to have USD income (or EUR, it doesn’t matter). The plan was to release the new version of Kitapi and open its market section to the world. But our other jobs don’t let us finish the new version, yet. Then something happened and we have gotten several foreign customers. They came from google we think.

We have several blogs about different topics. We publish commercial posts there, sometimes. These foreign customers wanted to use our blogs to introduce their products to our country. Even Kitapi’s blog has had such a customer. So, we got our first USD income. Thumbs up!