Company Meetings

We made the meeting #1: KGB

Finally, we had the meeting #1. It had been waiting for a long time. Believe it or not, as family-based company workers, it is hard to get together. Even if it is a “home office”. Actually, we wanted to make the meeting outside. Long story short, we made it.

What we talked about can be shrunk into three letters: KGB. Don’t worry, I’ll explain below.

The K (Kitapi): the most important project for us and the main reason we started this company. It has 3 main parts: the web app, the social media side, and the mobile apps and we are almost finished first two. Our very first employee will analyze this project and put together all the shortcomings to a list. Then she will force me to finish the list of items.

The G ( We want to make this little side project to global. It has a quite good domain. We also believe that it has a good potential. We’ll search the our competitors in the market (again) and try to make this little fella to be different from others.

The B (Blogs): We have several blogs that we mentioned before. One of them is (KS) and this one gets some income for months. This one has been controlled by my wife (employee #1) since the beginning. We like blogs but they are not producing income like KS. We want her to manage all the blogs we have.

Now, her time.