Our checklist has been completing

Well, we already finished the official chores. We have documents about registration and taxing. We have a commercial bank account. The next step is preparing about accounting. We are going to use Parasut for this. This is a very talented platform for accounting. It can be integrated with a lot of important services.

The other step is the electronic invoice setup. Our government provides us this feature but there are some chores about security to handle it. After that, we’ll no longer need to prepare invoices on paper.


Now we exist officially

January 16, 2020, has been our official birthday. Today we finished all basic commercial registration jobs. There are a few steps more left but it is ok. We got the name: Kodventure Teknoloji AŞ.


Increase the email server’s disk space: done!

This afternoon we realised that our new mail server not working properly. We could see the login page but it keep saying: “invalid request no data was saved” to every trying.

After a few research, we understood that it was about disk space. Because we hadn’t choose the same configuration as in the video that I mentioned earlier. This wrong chosing coused this.

So, we upscaled the servers disk space immediatelly. But, guess what. Nothing changed! Disk space still was the same.

We understood that what happened after Hetzner reply. They only incrased the raw size of disk. And they said:
“You have to manually expand you filesystem to cover the new available space with a tool like resize2fs.”

We followed the answer on this page and fixed the problem in a few second. Now it is working perfectly. We hope that we won’t have to upscale it again.

Long story short:

1) # sudo parted /dev/sda
2) resizepart 1 (to resize the partition 1)
3) just enter (to choose entire disk)
4) quit
5) # resize2fs /dev/sda1

Make your own email server: done

For a tech company, emails are the most important. We had been using Yandex for mails before the company because it is free. But we decided to build own email server for future needs.

Thanks to Docker, it has been very easy to build one. We just followed the steps in this 20 min video on YouTube and it is done.

Because of the email server, we own another brand-new domain name: KodInbox.com

Maybe the “Kod” domain family will get bigger. We’ll see.


The business is loading

The things are getting done. Our official procedures are continuing. Besides that, we as the crew are finishing real “paper” jobs like business cards or the letterhead.


Own a logo

As you can imagine when you decided the name of the company the next step should be the logo.

We had no idea about the logo because we have had a brand-new company name. There is a lot of web site that you can create a logo just by a few words and some choices. We have gone with them for the beginning just to get some sketches. The idea of two little slashes for the icon part and a well-shaped font for the rest was good. The slashes symbolized the programming because they mean the beginning of the comment lines in programming.

We had no idea about the color, either.

We like shades of blue but we already use that color in our big project, we’ll talk about it in the future. So, we decided to separate the design language of our company brand from our products. And so, it has been red. But only the icon part. The rest is a kind of black.

The logo may be changed in the future. We like logos that have a story. Maybe we can put a little adventure into our logo, later.


Choosing a name

You don’t have such a problem when you’re born. Your parents give you a name and you usually have a happy relationship with it. But when you start a company, things become very difficult. We’ve burned a lot of neurons over the last month to decide our company name.

We finally found a name that matches our soul. Since we are the coders thrown into this adventure, our company name should have been “codeventure”. Well, if all domains had not been taken, it would be. But we thought that we could figure out the problem with the closest solution and it becomes ‘Kodventure‘.

Moreover, in our native language which is Turkish, we pronounce code as ‘kod’. And it felt like home to us.


Hello Tech World

We have just taken our first step but we are in this business for 20 years. We decided to start a company because we want to serve some of our projects that work actively for years with a more professional service.

We love web-based software technologies. Especially Laravel and VueJS are our favorite tools.

As a team who likes blogging, we plan to share more content in the future.

We wish 2020 will be a great year for everyone.