Interactive API doc for

We have planned to add an API to but the timing had not to be decided. But there is a tiny light about that we may work with a big company to shorten their tons of important links. So, we added the API immediately and we understand that we also need an API doc.

While we use Laravel Livewire to made why not we make the API doc interactive? We should and we did.

Now, our interactive API doc is ready.

Bon appetite.


Our web site renewed

Almost one year passed after started and we realized that our website has untouched. There is a proper saying for that in Turkish culture: The tailor can’t sew his own rip. Oh, there is another one: Candle doesn’t enlight own foot. Of course, these are not acceptable for a tech company.

And our web site’s new look is online. Take a look.

Old version of our website.
Company released

Our 8 hours side project becomes a fine service which has two main functions. First; it is a link shortener service and second; it is also a link hub service.

Link shortener

This is obvious. If you want to shorten the link that you need to share or use it for something else; just paste the link and make it shorten. If you do it after login, you can change the title or the shortened link. Easy.

Link Hub

This is new. One of our friends encouraged us to add this function to With this ability, you can create a public profile page that includes all the link that you want to show it together; like Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook pages. Not only social media links, but you can also add any link that you want. Then you can use the profile page in your social media profiles, which only one link allowed to share in these profiles, thus, you share all your important links with people on a single page.

You can customize the link hub page with several backgrounds, button styles, or fonts.


The domain changed

Yesterday we started a project and finished after 8 hours later. We have decided the domain should be It was small enough and usefull to use for our URL shortener project. But, after a few hours more we realised, which we didn’t remember how, there was .to domains in the market. We always use the for domains and they don’t sell .to domains. Somehow it appeared while surfing and and we start searched. Finally we found the Canadian company that name is was selling .to domains with a quite discount. We bought our second domain name for the new micro project and this one was not cheap as the original one. But more elligible and usefull we thougt.

The new domain is:

What are you think?


A micro project in 8 hours

We decided to create our own short link service. We used to use our payment service’s short link to remind our customers of their invoice. No more foreign short link.

To create this service was easy. The hard one was to decide the domain name 🙂 After discussing a few domain names we chose a completely different one.

Our nominees were:

And the winner is: The shortest domain name for our brand-new short link service.

We started to build the project after buying the domain immediately. Normally 2 or 3 hours enough to build this kind of small project but little details can be challenging sometimes.

We spent at least two hours to sort desc the latest links backward. Either PHP or JS array sort functions not worked for the list that we keep in session, which we didn’t understand why. We have had to loop the array and created another one. There would be 10 rows max, so why not.

Enjoy our brand-new, easy to spell URL shortener service.


Wanna a domain?

We pivot one of our side projects. The is no more an electronic supplier e-store. It is our domain name sales website now.

We have some useful domain names which some of them used for many years. Also, we have others for our future plans. We don’t want to waste them. We parked that domain names on the individual pages. If someone gets interested they can buy the domain via credit card. Then we will transfer the domain name to the who paid it.

Do you want to take a look?


We made the first export of services

One of our goals was to have USD income (or EUR, it doesn’t matter). The plan was to release the new version of Kitapi and open its market section to the world. But our other jobs don’t let us finish the new version, yet. Then something happened and we have gotten several foreign customers. They came from google we think.

We have several blogs about different topics. We publish commercial posts there, sometimes. These foreign customers wanted to use our blogs to introduce their products to our country. Even Kitapi’s blog has had such a customer. So, we got our first USD income. Thumbs up!


The new side project:

During the pandemic, we decided to find out a side project to busy us. When you focus on a project for a long time, it can be tiring. To rest is not the only option to keep your brain fresh, working another kind of project also may help. After a short brainstorm, the new project appeared:

Word Cloud defines the term about some kind of graphic that made by words. It can be useful for postcards, wedding invitations, maybe logos or wall arts.

There are some useful free to use algorithms on the web to create word cloud graphics. We decided to use one of them for the beginning. If the project could make more interest then we can consider the create our own algorithm or develop to the existing one.

Check it our new side project and tell us what you think.


The Second Project:

As we mentioned many times earlier our main project is Kitapi, which is free to use, online library management platform. But we are a tech company. We can have many projects. and is one of our ‘future projects’ that comes from ‘history’.

It is a ‘history’ because we first registered this domain in 2006. Yes, this is another ‘cousin story’ like Kitapi. We have been waiting to activate this domain for 14 years. We tried to sell it but it not worked. So, here we are. online again as an e-commercial web site.

To create a WP based web site as easy as a pie for us. Thanks to Woo-Commerce extension having some commercial functions, screens, basket, etc is easy, too. There were a few jobs to be ready to register an online payment service like Privacy Policy, Customer Agreement, Visa-Master logos, About page. We have done all of it and applied to the payment service. Everything was ready the next day.

What will we put on this website?

Well… We have a dealer agreement to a wholesaler and we want to have more with others for later. Since we got this, we want to sell some computer stuff from this company. But their costs are so high to sell end users. But there is a specific category that we may have a chance: Projectors. We’ll continue with this category for now.

We just ignored the payment service’s percentage for the beginning. There is a good saying in our country for this: Millet alışverişte görsün. It means like ‘let the folks see you in shopping’.


A domain for local

As a company, why we don’t buy a proper local commercial domain? It is not a big deal and also cheaper than other .com domains.

In our country, official documents must be provided if wanted to buy a commercial local domain. We have many of these 🙂 So to buy the domain has cost only a few seconds.

It is