Something new is happening…

Something new is happening…
We sold our old cars, a 2006 Mercedes Vito and a 2016 Kia Soul, and decided to pass the electric car world.

Our new car is a Togg T10X. Togg is a brand-new Turkish car company. The T10X is an SUV and the company calls this vehicle not only a car but a “device”. Because it has 4 big screens, multiple cameras, and sensors it deserves the adjective. T10X has an Android operating system inside.

With this new car, we not only moved into the world of electric cars, but as a company, we also decided to move into the world of gaming. We want to develop our games for Togg’s app ecosystem first. Then we will extend our games to both the AppStore and Google Play Store.

What do we have now?
We have a new trademark: Trip Games. It is fresh out of the oven. My first and only employee, which is my wife, made this. We have been developing the games for two weeks. We will take the cars from the distribution center, tomorrow. If we see the manager of the factory’s software team then we can sign a protocol to prepare the car for the developing purpose.

We are very excited about these. Let’s see what will happen.