Increase the email server’s disk space: done!

This afternoon we realised that our new mail server not working properly. We could see the login page but it keep saying: “invalid request no data was saved” to every trying.

After a few research, we understood that it was about disk space. Because we hadn’t choose the same configuration as in the video that I mentioned earlier. This wrong chosing coused this.

So, we upscaled the servers disk space immediatelly. But, guess what. Nothing changed! Disk space still was the same.

We understood that what happened after Hetzner reply. They only incrased the raw size of disk. And they said:
“You have to manually expand you filesystem to cover the new available space with a tool like resize2fs.”

We followed the answer on this page and fixed the problem in a few second. Now it is working perfectly. We hope that we won’t have to upscale it again.

Long story short:

1) # sudo parted /dev/sda
2) resizepart 1 (to resize the partition 1)
3) just enter (to choose entire disk)
4) quit
5) # resize2fs /dev/sda1