Own a logo

As you can imagine when you decided the name of the company the next step should be the logo.

We had no idea about the logo because we have had a brand-new company name. There is a lot of web site that you can create a logo just by a few words and some choices. We have gone with them for the beginning just to get some sketches. The idea of two little slashes for the icon part and a well-shaped font for the rest was good. The slashes symbolized the programming because they mean the beginning of the comment lines in programming.

We had no idea about the color, either.

We like shades of blue but we already use that color in our big project, we’ll talk about it in the future. So, we decided to separate the design language of our company brand from our products. And so, it has been red. But only the icon part. The rest is a kind of black.

The logo may be changed in the future. We like logos that have a story. Maybe we can put a little adventure into our logo, later.