We are ready and already started to work

A lot of things has done in the last two weeks. We got a commercial credit card to use for the company. All Internet-based services’ payment configurations that we used were converted to this card like Hetzner, GitHub, Name.Com.

A little e-store is developed on Kitapi, which is our main project. There are some physical little products like stickers or labels for books. Also, there are somethings abstract like remove the commercial for a month or a year. We already did a couple of sales this week. We have sent the first bills. They are electronic bills and no need to print them out. In fact, we are not allowed to prepare an old-style bill on paper. We wanted it that way.

We have been visited by a tax officer, yesterday. He checked out our address. He asked a few questions and took some pictures of my documents about the company. He was using specific software for this on an iPad.

We have been completed the whole set up after his visit.