Gooo.to released

Our 8 hours side project Gooo.to becomes a fine service which has two main functions. First; it is a link shortener service and second; it is also a link hub service.

Link shortener

This is obvious. If you want to shorten the link that you need to share or use it for something else; just paste the link and make it shorten. If you do it after login, you can change the title or the shortened link. Easy.

Link Hub

This is new. One of our friends encouraged us to add this function to Gooo.to. With this ability, you can create a public profile page that includes all the link that you want to show it together; like Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook pages. Not only social media links, but you can also add any link that you want. Then you can use the Gooo.to profile page in your social media profiles, which only one link allowed to share in these profiles, thus, you share all your important links with people on a single page.

You can customize the link hub page with several backgrounds, button styles, or fonts.